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About Us:

We are a family run business that believes in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. We are honest and hard working. We love the satisfaction of our customers. We have been in business for 9 plus years and have done this type of work for many more years.

We are beginners but God has blessed us so much with the skills and knowledge of this field that we do all of our work for Him and everyone else just seems to benefit from it. We attend a messianic synagogue on Saturdays and that is our Sabbath that we do no work on. However, we do work the other six days a week.

Our Story

We come from a background of Early Care Education/Teaching and Food Service/Management. We started with a small 21" toro mower and a very small trailer. The trailer couldn't hold a riding mower at all. My husband welded a weedeater/edger rack on the side of the tiny trailer. We had a Ford Explorer to pull that trailer. We started in property preservation to gain knowledge and to get our foot in the door of starting our adventure. We prayed that God would help our business. We started with these few things and with God. We put Him at the top of our business and gave Him all the glory and honor from all that we got. He started providing more things that let us come up in the field. We got a larger truck and a larger trailer. We got a riding mower that was a homeowner's style mower. We stayed faithful to the LORD and started to prosper more and more. Today, God has helped us get a name and get incorporated and so much equipment that we need more space. He has really blessed us beyond what we thought could happen. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. We are just the managers of what He gives us. It is all His and we give him all the praise in our business. Thank you for reading our story. Hope it inspires someone. God bless.

Residential and Commercial

We service residential homes and a few commercial properties. If you have more than one property or a combination of business and home on your account, we do have some deals we could discuss to get a discount. 

Happy Clients

We don't consider our cleints as customers. We serve them as family. We do not think that a business like ours can be based on customers, that word seems too impersonal. We truly care about the people that we serve and try to go beyond just a weekly mowing visit. We use our business as a ministry to show the world that we are here to help each other in love. We try to see different needs and meet those needs as much as possible. 

Why Us?

Customer Satisfaction: we are honest and work hard with integrity in all the things we do. We offer to correct all mistakes to meet the clients' expectations.

We offer services in multiple areas. These areas include: All Oklahoma City and surrounding areas up to 20 miles outside of the city. 

We turn yards around from the weed infested nuisance to a beautiful lawn that neighbors are jealous of. (This does not happen overnight; it takes at least a season of weed control and fertilization along with our mowing service)

Each yard is different and treated as so. Each client has different needs and wants. The client that wants that spectacular yard that gets the attention and the looks, they are the ones that get the best quality and not just a grass cut. 

If you care about your lawn and the way it looks, we do the same. If you do not care about the way it looks and just want it cut so the city does not say anything, we can do that too. 

We have a regular schedule and specific days that each part of the city is done. We will always come on the same day of the week unless the weather prevents it, then it will get done the next day or so.

Communication is another key to success. We are upfront with our clients; they are priority and we let them know what is going on and why. 

Integrity is very important in this line of work. Trust is a big thing when you are on another person's property, you are only there to do your job and nothing else. Even when you know no one is watching, God is always there watching. His opinion matters. 

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