M&G Lawncare Inc.

Matthew 6:33


We offer several different services. If there is a service that we do not provide then please let us know and we will consider it or find the right person for you.

Weed Control and Prevention.

with a contract or without-same quality. Weeds and hard to kill grassy weeds. We take care of them for a beautiful maintained yard.


Mowing, weedeating, blade edging, blowing all hard surfaces. We do not compromise on this service to save time or money. We do the best job for a fair price. 

Hedge/Bush Trimming

This is an extra service unless in the agreement. We can trim all at one time or split it up into sections. We do not do large trees but we can lift them up if they are too low. 

General and Season Clean up.

Leaves, limbs, debris, ETC. To give an estimate for this service it needs to be in person, no pictures or explanations over the phone or email. 

Gutter Cleaning

Gutters blown out and cleaned up. We do not install or repair gutters. (This is done more in the off season when the grass isn't the big show.)